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Buy, build, invest, and sell with confidence. A building inspection helps you complete your house purchase or sale with total assurance. Whether you’re building a new home, buying or selling an existing property, renovating or wanting some advice, a building inspection gives you the knowledge to get the best result on your property investment.

  • Treatment costs

    If you do have an infestation of termites and different treatment methods may be used to get rid of termites.

  • Signs You Have Termites In Your Home
  • Termite Protection Certificate AS3660.1
  • How Much Does A Termite Treatment Cost
  • DIY Termite Control Options You Can Choose From
  • Termite Certificate Of Compliance Part A & Part B
  • How To Prevent Termites Is To Stop Moisture From Rising
  • Cheap Termite Treatment cost between $550.00 to $990.00
  • Chemical Termite Barrier Cost Around $880.00 – $3500.00
  • Termite Bait Systems Can Cost Approx $880.00 For A Small House
  • Types Of Termite Treatment Can Vary On The Cost Of Your Budget
  • Liquid Chemical Barrier Treatment Is The Most Effective Protection
  • Non-repellent Liquid Treatment Is Not That Effective For Live Termites
  • How Much Can A Termite Treatment Cost For A Full Treatment $1,800.00
  • A Termite Treatment Can Cost Approx $1,500.00 depends on the size of the home
  • A Termite Treatment Can Cost Approx $1,500.00 depends on the size of the home
  • Building inspection reports provide a detailed study of the condition of your property in an easy to read arrangement. All our building inspections are completed by experienced registered builders trained in accordance with the Australian Standard.

    Building inspections are arranged within 12 hours of being booked, and the report supplied the next working day. We offer a wide range of inspections to suit every need. Call us now, or send us a email.