Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne.


Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne pests come in many shapes and sizes. Not any of them are ones that we want in your work or home. However, most methods of getting rid of pests and keeping them away can be harmful to the environment.

old school methods are rich of chemicals that go into the earth, end up in our dams, and even poison us. There are a things you can do to get rid of pests and to keep them from entering into your home all while outstanding Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne Service.


Houses come in a wide variety of states of cleanliness. Some are spotless and others quite dirty. This often has to do with personality, habits, and time bounds. No matter what state your house is in right now, aim for a thorough spring clean Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne.

You have to make sure that you don’t get up any droppings of food, hiding moisture, or places that bugs and other pests might find suitable. Cleaning is the best thing you can do to help get rid of all sorts of bugs and to keep them away in the future.

Sealing Up Your Home.

However many pests are surprisingly skilled at getting into tiny cracks, if you are looking for them you can prevent a good number of pests from entering in. Seal any cracks, along windows, and make sure that you are weather proofing around your seals of door entry. This will help keep out bugs, spiders, and even rodents Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne Services.

Ignoring Them.

During Which some pests are the type you can avoid and some aren’t you should take into account what to do according to what you can live with in. If it doesn’t bother you to have a rodent or two in your home try to ignore them or pic them up and throw them outside. On the other hand, if you have a pest that is causing harm you cant ignore it Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne.

Reflect whether or not it is causing you, your family, your pets, or your house problems. Bugs that bite, that carry diseases, or that consume building problems, you should  get rid of.


Vinegar is a great way to get rid of a number of bugs. You can use it in your cleaning water, spray it around your home, and get great results using it instead of other house hold cleaners. The good news is that the smell only lasts until the liquid is dry, for humans any way Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne.


Borax is a good way to kill a lot of different kinds of pests. You can make a mixture of borax and sugar. Use about 20% borax and 80% sugar. Sprinkle it in areas of pests that are more likely to eat it. This includes ants and cockroaches who will gladly take it back to their nest with them. Environmentally Friendly Pest Termite Control Melbourne Service.

Slowly rise the amount of borax you mix in so that they are taking more and more borax back to the nest with them. The borax marks the casing and causes them to dry up and die.

Spices and Herbs.

Many spices and herbs put off a number of pests. These include black pepper, peppermint, cinnamon, and basil. You can get vital oils of these plants and spray at the entry points to your house to discourage them. You can also sprinkle ground forms into areas that these pests are likely to use to come into your house.

Your left over coffee grounds can be used as a obstacle to your house. It will help keep out a number of pests, particularly ants. All you have to do is collect the left over coffee grounds and increase them out along the barrier of the house. This will stop them from crossing that entry into the house Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne.

Soapy Water.

Soapy water is something most pests don’t like. Lots are killed by it and a spray bottle that has soapy water is a good thing to keep near by to remove any bugs that pass into your area. You can also spray it around where pests are seen to alarm them away. The smell alone will keep them at howl. Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Environmentally Friendly.

Pests are not any good, but Environmentally Friendly Pest Control Melbourne ways of getting rid of them do the job. You may need to have time. However, you can save the planet without having to live with pests that really are in your way

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