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Home Pest Control is taking responsibility for all the treatments which were offering our guarantees you a long term key to your problem. Also, we offer a free check list where we will be able to identify the pests and work out the correct solution of action which will be needed to clear the infestation completely.

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  • We have a big team of fully qualified pest-control staff, all ready and waiting for you to call.
  • We offer a quick service of just two hours for emergency pest-control call outs – guaranteed.
  • Our Removal home pest control services cover the whole of the suburbs, and in your area. To find out whether we cover your area, try our postcode on the net. Building & Pest Reports.
  • We offer affordable priced pest control with friendly, professional service. Our goal is helping you get rid of pests for good Home Pest Control Melbourne.
  • We’re always happy to offer help and give advice on your pest-control problems at your feet– just call and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and recommend a service for you
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Pest problem? Do We Act now

If you believe you have a issue with pest control, act now. Get in touch with us straight away. Pest problems that get out of control can have a harmful effect on your home or business. Building & Pest Reports Home Pest Control Melbourne

All sorts of pests can carry disease and cause food all types poisoning and they also bring problems with odors, damage and excrement. The sooner you act, the sooner we can solve your pest-control problem. Call us now.

Commercial Home Pest Control Melbourne Service

White Ant Control Treatment

Anthills usually are very common inside but normally do have a very slim look outside. If they are safe it is better to leave them alone and if they are dangerous our home pest control company will in fact treat them with a professional spraying Home Pest Control Melbourne.

The real problem might be if you have an anthill inside your home. In this case pest control experts in home can help to eradicate nest sites and supply a barrier to insect entry Home Pest Control Melbourne Service.

Bed Bug Control Treatment

In demand to get rid of bed bugs, our team will find all possible areas of insects’ ways. And this may take in the steps forward and of architraves, inside kitchen units and measures and replacement of bed sheets etc Home Pest Control Melbourne.

Important! After the treatment is completed there should be no admittance for 3 hours!

Bird Proofing Systems

As it was talked about, bird proofing systems involve different measures to deter the birds. Bird’ netting, bird’ points, spring pins and wire systems can all be used while treatment with such kind of a problem. Our staff takes care about their customers and wants to ensure that these types will not be able to cause problems to you and your home and the buildings around Home Pest Control Melbourne.

Cockroach Control Problem

Our technicians usually starts the cockroach treatment using glue boards. With their help it will be possible to find out the worst affected areas and monitor the growth. Additionally, residual spray treatments will be sprayed. The product of which can include the insect growth regulator to smash their life cycle. Also, cockroach gel will be applied to hinges and in cupboards which will ensure them form coming back Home Pest Control Melbourne.

Flea Control Treatment

A thorough treatment Home Pest Control is necessary for fleas as they can be found on the floor and on bed area. To do that type of treatment, we use the most up-to-date insecticides with temprid growth to fix and break the life cycle of these bugs Home Pest Control Melbourne.

Important! After the treatment is completed there should be no admittance for 3 hours! Home Pest Control Melbourne Service.

Rat Control

In this situation of treatment we use a variety of traps and bait stations which the rodent will be poisoned in the food Home Pest Control Melbourne.

Baiting is a 1 – 2 step treatment for a over a week which will lead to complete go away. Within that 1 weeks period we will be able to identify different rats’ access and recommend certain requirements which can be carried out by our professional staff.

Wasp Nest Treatment Melbourne

Our Pest control company approaches a possibility to our customers to treat small nests themselves by using the DIY sprays available on invasion from our company Home Pest Control Melbourne Service.

Nests can be seen growing during the warmer months. In that period of time they are growing very deathly and may contain around lots of wasps which can sting your family.

Our staff recommend to get rid of such kinds of nests as soon as you can and would like to let you know that the wasps become even more forceful by the end of summer and can attack Home Pest Control Melbourne

Our team at Home Pest Control Melbournewill do not only nest treatment but also the treatment of all surround the neighbors including backyards which can be particularly dangerous using only professional insecticidal or a  powder or direct spray to destroy the nest home Pest Control & how to get rid of Bed Bugs, Bees, Birds, Extermination, Fleas, Fumigate, Kill, Mice, Mouse, Mites, Moisture, Mould, Pigeon, Possum, Pre Purchase Building Pest Inspections, Rats, Rodent, Remove, Spiders, Termites, Timber Tree, Wood Rot, Wasps, White Ants.

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