Why Removal Home Pest Control or Pest Control Solutions We have a team of Certified Qualified Staff. Organic, No Smell, No Staining, Safe for kids and the environment. We offer 110% Safe and Non Toxic, Pyrethroids built Solutions.

No Mess No problems using only Gel Baits.

We are a complete service in natural pest control company that can hep you Organic Natural Pest Control Melbourne, is the little company with the Huge Green Heart. from Australia.  All our organic products are made from the pure goodness of nature. Join the thousands of satisfied customers that have made us their sharp excellent for natural pest control since 1998. We are safe, real and cheap Natural Pest Control Melbourne .

In 1998, when we started Nature’s Way, our work was to use a mixture of current knowledge and early insight to perform safe, effective bio-rational pest control services. Our duty today remains the same. Natural Pest Control Melbourne Service.

Voted 2008 go Green Business of the Year Removal ready for Natural Pest Control Melbourne for all, Commercial & Natural Invested Natural Goods for house & Pets

We are a full service organic pest control company in our natural products are made from the pure of nature.  Join the hundreds of customers that have made us their quick choice for Natural Pest Control Melbourne.

Thank your for visiting organic Natural Pest Control Melbourne where you Don’t have to fight…Because We’re an ORGANIC Natural Pest Control is “The Small Company with the Huge Green Love” Do You Want Us To Help You?  Ring our Number below to see us in full ! Most pest control say they are using green; but often they are simply using heavy pyrethroids or less of the usual pest control chemicals.

That said, pest control regulators, instructors and operators in the entire country. The professionals in the Removal Pest Control Industry are for the most division, highly skilled, responsible of our environment. The controllers by the Government of for Certification as a Pest Control Operator. In all,  most companies update their teaching for technicians always, so straight pest control chemicals are hardly ever misused in the industry. Many conventional products are so awfully misused and overused by unaware homeowners that they are flooding our environment.

Note: Read the sticker on the bottle under active directions, and view for synthetic pyrethroids.  They will be called deltamethrin, bifenthrin, incecticides. These are also the most common chemicals used in “Bugs”.

These products are not natural for the environment. They are environmental blows that last much longer than natural pyrethrum and are ruining disaster with our eco systems and maybe with our health and the health of our children. At Removal we don’t think it is necessary to use toxic cores when natural products are so effective.

When we treat your house, office or building, we use a combination of natural baits, mineral dusts & powders.  We also use ultra insect growth regulators (IGR), and 110% natural plant essential oils that target insects and bacteria. Pests do not develop resistance to our long-lasting, nice smelling products at Natural Pest Control Melbourne Service.

We can treat insects in your house, office and workplace.  We also treat pests like rodents and rats that are found both in and outside. Our merchandise are effective, efficient and safe. We offer all of this at an affordable cost price.

Protect Your Home with Natural Pest Control Melbourne

We offers truly harmless and effective Natural Pest Control Melbourne. Stay away of products that claim to be natural but are not actually non-toxic, no impact or low impact. Guard out for the serious health risks that come with usual pesticides, herbicides, and insecticides. Our organic pest control products protect your house, office and property anti the biting, flying and bug invitation. Our products are nature secondary, fast and effective. We specialise in both in and out pest control mounted to the highest standards and proven effective in independent research. You need eco pest control you can mist on pet furniture, beds and around a food cupboards without worry.