Termite Control in Batesford 3221

We treat all types of termite damage coming through your bathroom, concrete stumps, plaster walls, roof, timber floors and windows. We recommend using TERMIDOR all termite protection & treatment. The 4 most common methods of any treatment is a chemical barrier, termite baiting, termite dusting and termite foaming.


Pre-Construction Termite Protection


Chemical soil barriers – Physical barriers – Termite pipe collars


During a completion of a development a building surveyor must qualify the property for a certificate of occupancy. You must hold a termite certificate in order to achieve this. It is important that the structure is protected before the construction stage with a necessary termite barrier by arranging Part A. The second stage is Part B and it is carried out after the foundation (slab) is poured in Batesford 3221.


Termite Inspection Check (Cost) $150


When it comes to buying your new home and your wanting a second opinion on that renovation, house extension or your just settling on that new purchase. We complete all in house termite inspection reports, and pre purchase building & pest inspections in Batesford 3221.


Termite Prices Below

Price Termite Baiting Starts $880.00
Termite Treatment Costs Starts $660.00
Price Termite Pre Treatment Starts $1,500.00
Basic Termite Protection Costs Starts $770.00
Price Termite Chemical Barrier Starts $1,200.00
Termite Certificate Compliance Part A & B Costs Starts $660.00


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