Pest & Termite Control City of Whitehorse

As a professional company we do not use chemicals and we highly recommend using natural products. As part of our portfolio we eliminate all these little suckers from white ants, beehive removal, cockroaches, european wasp nest, fleas, mice, mouse, millipedes, rats, rodent baiting, termites, white tail & redback spiders. We also complete pre purchase building & pest inspection when buying a new home.

Pest spray, how long does an extermination take? A three bedroom house would normally take approximately 1 hour. Depending on how big the site is and what sort of treatment you get? Whats involved in pest control? Or how do we get rid of pests?
STEP (1) We normally start by spraying inside the man hole (roof) (void) with permethrin dust which is a insecticide.

STEP (2) Then we spray inside the house along the skirting boards, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen cupboards with a category 3a relatively low toxicity pesticide, which is a option when you have kids.

STEP (3) We spray Ultra-Lo-Odour Termiticide and Insecticide Active Ingredient: 100 g/L bifenthrin around the perimeter of the house targeting the spouting, bricks, eaves, fascias, window seals, fences, garden areas, concrete etc in pest control Bellbird.

Termite Protection City of Whitehorse

We treat all types of termite damage coming through your timber stumps, windows, floors, timber walls, roof, bathroom walls and ceiling. We recommend using TERMIDOR for all termite protection & treatment. Another alternative method which can be used is a SENTRICON in ground bait station. These are used when we cant spray, drill or trench. We treat for all kinds of termite damage you have anywhere in your home, and even to treat a live tree in your backyard that has been affected in City of Whitehorse.

Building & Pest Inspection City of Whitehorse

When it comes to buying your new home and your wanting a second opinion on that renovation, house extension or your just settling on that new purchase. We complete all in house termite inspection reports, and pre purchase building & pest inspections in City of Whitehorse

Minimum Call Out Fee $120

Building codes City of Whitehorse as 3660.2–2000 termite treatment – as 3660.1 termite protection certificate – as 3660 termite pre treatment certificate – beehive removal – building inspection new purchase – cockroach treatment – mice treatment – mouse removal – natural pest control – non toxic pest control – organic pest control chemical free – portuguese millipedes – pre purchase building & pest inspections – rodent removal – get rid of rat – red back spider spray – spider removal – termite barrier protection – termite baiting & monitoring stations – termite blanket installation – termite certificate part a & b – termite damage repair – termite stump treatment – termite inspections – termite chemical spray – termite penetration new build – termite pipe fill up – termite pre construction – termite reticulation installation – termite system top up – termguard refill up system – timber pre purchase inspections AS4349.3 – wasp nest removal – white ant treatment – white tail spider

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