Lice Pest Control

Lice Removal Treatment Melbourne.

Have you ever had flea bites on you, you have probably thinking whether fleas can live on us. The news is fleas don’t live on us humans or on our bodies with very few rejections. Human body fleas (Pulex irritans) like to feed on humans and animals, but these bugs suckers are very uncommon in houses and more often known to and in the wild life. If you have had problems with lice than contact the experts in Lice Pest Control and we will remove the all your lice.

The fleas that comes in our house and feasts on our pets are almost always cat fleas, Ctenocephalides felis. In spite their name, cat fleas are just as likely to feed on humans as they are on our pets. And they don’t usually live on non-hair crowds like humans, they can and will bite humans. Less often, dog fleas (Ctenocephalides canis) come in to homes. Dog fleas aren’t choosy parasites, either, and will gladly draw blood from your dog& cat. When birds build nests in house, they sometimes bring with them bird lice mites. If the birds leave or get trapped and die, the mites leave the nest in search of a new host, moving through walls & ending up in the rooms, toilets, etc where sleeping humans searching for blood to feed.

Bird mites love humid conditions & breed most in spring & early summer. These times are also the best times to treat the bird mites, as they lead to increased visibility. However, we do recommend that chicken houses experiencing bird mite infestations be treated at least 2 times a year. In controlling bird mites around houses, the removal of bird nests is the first thing you do. Areas around known breeding sites should be inspected for other nests, as well. Following the removal of all infested nests, insecticide control may be applied to treat obvious.

How To Get To Get Rid Lice

Bites from bird lice can cause a rash and severe itch – insecticidal repellent can be of some help, but a pest controller is a must to get into the roof cavity for getting rid of mites, to find & remove the nest and treat any areas inside the home with a suitable insecticide. All insecticides to be useful, however, they must be supplemented by measures to prevent birds from re entering the home. These pigeon birds build nests normally in eaves and in roof ceiling if they can find an point of hole bringing the mites with them. When the birds go away their nest stay, get trapped in wall or roof ceiling or die, the mites leave the nest in search of a new host and that is us or our pets.

Their way of travel is usually up – down walls plaster and through holes into the bedrooms.  They attack us humans leaving an itchy rash which can become a minor infection after scratching. They can only survive two to three weeks without a feed from their usual swarm. If you’re having a difficult time with bird lice and the entire family are itching and contact Pest Control In Melbourne and we will help remove your Lice.

The lice – scabies, and mites are known to skin bloodsucker and should be controlled the right way. You will also have to sterile beds and take other call the professionals. Mites & lice are 2 of known skin parasites. They come on through our every day contact, and through this with infecting beds and clothes. They can cause skin irritation, and they spread quickly if not fixed, that is why it’s so vital to take action at the 1st sign of notice.

Mites are the fist cause of scabies. The mites go into your skin and lay eggs, causing painful itching. So if you would like to remove your lice, contact the experts in Lice Pest Control and we will help remove all of your lice.

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