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The black Portuguese millipede, Ommatoiulus moreleti, is a resident of Portugal and was a error to Australia to Pest Control Service Melbourne and Geelong, first appearing in South Australia in 1950s. They have since attacked all the mainland states. They are attracted to sun and will come through buildings at dark, although as soon as they come inside they do not breed and will in due course die. While there is no evidence they involve human health, they can occur in outbreak numbers, and can pollute food and infest carpet when bedding. Portuguese millipedes feed on plants, which means in calamity proportions they may also wreck small seedling & fruit and vegetable yield. When disturbed a millipede may discharge a strong and distasteful yellowish ooze which discourages hunters, such as birds. Note: the excretion may stain skin or clothes and is awfully irritating if rubbed on to the eyes. However as it is serene of organic chemicals called quinones, it vastly breaks down low in water.

How To Get To Get Rid Millipedes

Mature black Portuguese millipedes are soft & tubular, 20-45 mm long and slightly grey to black in color. Juveniles are lightly brown and striped. Juveniles hatch from the eggs in the ground and maturity up to two years.

Millipedes have been in high numbers in the past that they have actually caused the train to stop services in parts of country Victoria. Tens of thousands of the millipedes have been crushed on the tracks make the trains being unable to run.The Portuguese Millipede may also be in the run with the native millipedes and other, you have to call the professionals in on How to kill millipedes. These Portuguese Millipedes lay their eggs in autumn and movement often highest in autumn after it rains, so it is possible that many people are practices these millipedes at current in their houses and yards. Unlucky at present we have no means of getting rid of the Portuguese Millipede invasion, so for the likely upcoming we are going to have to be watch out for their existence in our houses and out side. Holes, gaps and other points of ways to enter around windows seals and doors and in inside walls should be closed if possible. Taking away organic matter such as bark mulch and leaves from against the home may help, and dampness around around the house foundation should be corrected. Clean all around and  pack food away to get rid of millipedes. Must clean your cupboards and to remove any open food and millipedes. Clean holes and corners correctly. Empty all the rubbish and clean all the bins out weekly. This will stop the millipedes from entering back into your home.

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