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There are most of 99000 species of butterfly and moth, only about 30 species of moths are known as pests, mainly to food areas. Although moths can make a large amount of problems in food or clothing factory’s, in residential homes they are more of a general pest and only seen when the adults hatch and fly. The types that are found in house premises may change in size from 1-24 mm (up to 1″) measuring the wingspan wide. Each female moth lays between 99 to 199 eggs but this can be up to 499eggs, subject on the types Exterminate moths. Moths usually gain access to homes as a result of human error, they will fly in. The larvae is normally brought it to, hidden in food packets or in the food on its own. The larvae may also be carried on clothes; bedding and different carpets made from natural fibers. How to kill moths. The only way is effective method of treatment is to find the problem of the infestation. Normally what this means that the moths you have seen are developing from the kitchen or food were area is. Once the find of the infestation has been found and cleaned, the area may be cleared with general household goods.

How important that the following steps are done, during and after treatment:

The location must be spot cleaned as for (a) the insecticides are more successful in a clean location and (b) clean site provide less food for the insects. Food should be stored in closed (e.g. Plaits or dishes) containers to reject the moths entry to lay their eggs, or another this will contain them in already infested goods. Dried food should not be left out open.

Using Mortein inside bed rooms (cans) sprays to kill any flying (adult) moths removal.

An aerosol can bug insect spray may be used in cracks and corners where moths may get in and out of before flying around. These are available from bunnings, masters, supermarkets and do it yourself. When using any mortein cans it is important to follow the instructions and guidelines found on the item. Should an clothes (e.g. pants) be damaged/infested then this should be washed/treated and/or thrown away. These clothes should be taking to item to dry cleaner.

How To Get To Get Rid Moths

In specific, you should all ways vacuum the house. Spray or if possible put powder bug insect insecticides into the closed off bag of the vacuum cleaner which will kill any bugs insects when cleaned up. The vacuuming will also pick up eggs, which can then be thrown away. Keep clean well and pack food away to get rid of moths. Always clean your cupboards and to remove spilled food for moths to feast. Clean around your house. Empty all the rubbish and clean all the bins out on every week. This will keep the moths from returning back into your home.

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