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Rodents Removal Melbourne

Three species of pest rodent are found in Melbourne … the Norway rat, the roof rat and the house mice and we can help with all your Rodents Pest Control problems.

Rodents Are In Our Life

These rodents come into homes & buildings during the winter months seeking warm weather and during the months it rains a lot and stops the rodents from breeding on ground and they are looking for a places to breed, and during and after a big rain fall they are seeking a shelter and that is how they survive and multiply in large numbers, so do no ignore this problem you have by listing to them at night time crawling around your roof and seeing feces around you home and commercial building in Melbourne.

Proving Food and Shelter

We as man made buildings provide food and ideal breeding temperature for rodents, nice and warm in the walls and and roof were there is insulation so they can mate and night hunt for food. To eradicate the rats quickly is stop stop there food intake by leaving garbage laying around, and to tidy up the kitchen are after eating. So it gives you no excuse for them to return and disturb our every day life, if we follow the basic rules we should not have any issues.

Rodents and mice cause damage and disease.

Rodents do and will spread diseases through their urine contamination of our food. During the middle ages of time, they killed hundreds and thousands of people. It took 500 years to figure out why people were dying for no reason. They were contaminating the water they were drinking and was causing liver and kidney damage. The disease rodent s spread are Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium: which make you very sick by being weak, vomiting, cramps, abdominal pain, diarrhea and this will last up to a week. Leptospirosis: It is caused by bad bacteria by having a headache, vomiting, skin change in colour, kidney-liver damage, so the faster you solve this problem the quicker you get on with your life.

Rodents and mice are more than just a nuisance.

At a high risk they cause damage to all types of wood and plaster chewing through it. Also alarming is their strength to start electrical fires in older homes, because their is no safety switches by chewing on electrical wires the home owner wouldn’t have a idea what is going on and why shorting fuses. they will do anything needed to get through the other side of the wall or building for them to seek warmth and it happens every single day in commercial restaurants and were food is being served. These little buggers need food and a place to live just the same as we do.

How To Get Rid Of Rodents or kill Melbourne

Getting rid of these creatures can be very difficult if the problem is not cleared straight away, there are a few options you can choose from, you can do it the old way by setting traps by putting peanut butter or cheeses around the area, and sit and wait for them to be caught and killed. The other option you have is to go to the local hardware store and by some low grade bait, which chances are it does not work. The strongest way is to bait them on a commercial scale so the rodent dies fast so you can eradicate this problem you have.

How To Kill Rodents in Your Roof in Melbourne

You roof is were they tend to live mate, and seeking warmth in winter time so as a Pest Removal Company, we like to fix this problem you have straight away so they do not take over the home or house you live in or work out. To fix this major problem with rodents you have to call us at Pest Removal Melbourne, so we can help and show you how to eliminate this problem you have with rodents in Melbourne. For a free quote or price give us a call and will be glad to help, that’s why why we are here.

Stooping Rodents From Entering

Rodents love to live in old houses in Melbourne and Geelong was firstly built, because the entry point are a lot easy to come through the lower point of the home were they can climb through or chew their way threw entering inside your home and getting to the roof. Old house sit on stumps compared to the new houses are on concrete slabs so it make it difficult for them to enter, so to stop rodents from coming into your home, you have to block all holes so the cant come through Rodent Removal.

How To Kill Rodents In your roof Melbourne

Like we said earlier on you have to stop them form coming inside. From all the experience we have had treating rodent infestation is to kill them quickly by using a commercial A grade bait which is a lethal 4-hydroxycoumarin poison. This bait has to be put in to small plastic sealed stations which are called bait stations. These are fully closed off so your kids and pests are safe from getting to the toxin. Kids do not no what bait is, it could be mistaken for lollies. Their has been cases were people have thrown the bait under the dishwasher and the rodent likes to play around with the bait and taking it out and leaving it in the kitchen floor exposed for your kids to play with. so we as a professional company like to do things the correct way.

Dead Rodent Removal Melbourne

Rodents do not die in the premises where bait is normally laid around the house. When Rodents eat the bait it goes into their blood stream and dehydrates them and they start looking for water to drink, they do not die in the home which you are live in, so don’t be scared. Normally the die along the creeks and rivers looking for a little water.

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