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Silverfish – Facts  Identification, Control

Silverfish are very ancient insects with only 5 of the 27 melbourne Australian species having successfully entered buildings. Being nocturnal these pest species limit their activities to the dark undisturbed areas of your house, such as roof, and bottom – floor and wall cavities. Silverfish are quite often found in bath tubs & sinks. This is because of their helplessness to climb to surfaces, not because they live in pipes as most people imagine. Silverfish prefer to feed on materials high in starch content, this includes pics, paper book, clothes, bread crumbs and wall – paper. For a pest group silverfish have a very long life – cycle and are not very productive. They can take up to 3-4 years to complete their full life cycle and generally lay eggs uncommonly. This gives house owners and pest control a definitive gain. It means that it takes a major amount of time for a swarm to build up and time to get the problem to control. We can help with all of your Silver Fish Pest Control problems.

What you can do.

Avoid storing books, paper, pics and the like in your ceiling or shut cupboards. Management incoming goods such as 2nd hand books & furnishings may help prevent an invasion. Unfortunately because of the areas that these insects regular, treating these areas safely using inside house products is not going to be very helpful . And maybe best to engage the help of a professional pest controller that has knowledge on Silverfish control is what we specialize in Pest Control Service in Melbourne and Geelong.

What is silverfish pest control?

Silverfish are tiny , slender insects that occasionally invade our house. As their name sticks, they are usually silver in color and move along the floor in a fish-like way. They grow to a length of 1/2″ to 1″. They feed mainly on sugars and starches.

DIY do it yourself silver fish.


Feasting on carbohydrates, they can be particularly damage to anything containing starch.Their diet includes paste, sizing, book bindings, glucose, flour, cereals, glue, starch, papers & fabrics. They like warm damp areas and can be found in kitchens, bathroom, top cupboards and book shops. Silverfish are bad and can live for months without feasting

Why are they in my house?

The majority of important thing for the persistence of a silverfish is humidity. They are normally found in areas of high dampness, such as concrete flooring, kitchens and bathrooms. They are also be on the hunt for food, which is anything that contains starch or polysaccharides.  Silverfish do not sleep, so during the cold Pest Control Service Melbourne and Geelong winters they will be looking for somewhere warm to stay.

Are silverfish dangerous?

No. Silverfish do not bite or sting and are considered a nuisance pest. The only damage they do is to the items they feed on, such as books, photos, paper, glue (a favorite is wallpaper paste) and sugar.

What does it take to and how get rid of silverfish – how to kill.
Killing of Silverfish are very hard to find and get rid due to their small size and nighttime nature. If you believe you have a problem with silverfish, your best option is to call a professional Pest Control Service Melbourne and Geelong exterminator. Removal Pest Services provides helpful control to house holds and businesses in how to control.

How soon can you get here?

Removal, we understand that it is important to you to take care of your removal as soon asap; therefore it is important to us, too. Relax and same day service is available and in most times we can be there the next day service.

How can I prevent a future infestation?

Silverfish are very difficult to avoid. You cannot reduce their food intake because they eat everyday items that you have around your place. Reduction entry into the house and reduce humidity levels can help, but it is not usually the way it works.


When silverfish are seen or their damage is known, inspect under floor, cupboards, garage areas, and other places silverfish sites to verify the hit of the problem. Set out sticky glue boards to help uncover where silverfish numbers are at the best. Silverfish can go in to homes as they look for food and can be found away from food places. Sometimes this can may be in hard to find. Look for management efforts at the places of the invasions.

Silverfish – How to kill silverfish rid of

Includes, Dusting, Residual Spray and Insecticides. Because Silverfish are very hard to remove you will require attention treatments Pest Control Service Melbourne and Geelong Northern Western and South Eastern Suburbs..

Keep clean well and pack food away to get rid of silverfish. Always clean your cupboards and to remove spilled food for silverfish to feast. Clean around your house. Empty all the rubbish and clean all the bins out on every week. This will keep the silverfish from returning back into your home Pest Control Service in Melbourne and Geelong Northern Western and South Eastern Suburbs.
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