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About a year before the European wasp reached us, the English wasp was recorded in the suburbs of Pest Control Service Melbourne and Geelong. It is a real close cousin to the European Wasp Melbourne and has same similar colour markings. The English wasp has not like the same victory as the European wasp and has only spread to the parts of Melbourne. For all everyday hands on purposes the European & English wasps may be similar as the same.

Studies have shown that the spread of the European Wasp Melbourne had entered through catching rides on human vehicles. So the European wasp come in the country by humans when migrated to Australia!

European Wasp Pest Control like to nest around human life where they can scavenge food & sweet sugars. Big numbers of wasps can be come to picnics and barbeques and interfere with outside sports.

School rubbish in the play and in the play are youwill find them looking for and feeding on food and junk and entering coke cans.

Wasps can be beneficial in backyards by removing caterpillars & other such garden bugs. However, they make bugs of themselves by causing problems and feasting on fruit, and to help this problem the numbers of European wasps in your garden area, the home backyard must continually clear all fruit that has come to the floor. They can cause major loss and loss of fruit picking in commercial orchards.

The european has had a major considerable losses to the honey bee industry in Melbourne, however similar losses have not been recorded in around. Infestation waps Pest Control Service Melbourne and Geelong.

Commercial & shops or selling fruit, cakes or soft drinks often have problems caused by wasps liking of the smell. The problems are either when they bug the workers or if they are accidentally integrated into and contaminate the source.Pest Control Service Melbourne and Geelong Northern Western and South Eastern Suburbs..

When the wasp invades new areas, it leaves behind all of its old rivals such as killers.

The poison from the sting has several toxins, which may cause a thin skinned or allergic reactions in some humans. Research has shown that about 9% of humans stung more than once become allergic to wasp poison.

The biggest health risk positioned by European wasps is if stung inside mouth or at the back of the throat. The sensitive tissue in these areas will quickly swell and may cause breathing problems. Thats why this reason, we tell you that you don’t drink directly from a coke cans or bottles.

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Wasp Nest specialist provides of local wasp nest removal experts across the the area. As well as helping you to local wasp nest removal nest, we also look to provide useful help and into wasp control throughout the area.

How to Get Rid of Wasp Nests kill in Melbourne


  • Roof spaces
  • Lofts
  • Sheds
  • Wall cavities
  • Trees
  • Bird boxes
  • Garages
  • Holes in the ground

If you see a lot of wasps around your house or yard then there’s probably a nest somewhere close by. It’s a great idea to watch where the wasps are going to try to go back to the nest. When locating a wasp nest, some people do try to remove it on there own using a Bunnings domestic spray or powder. How to deal with wasps’ nests yourself can be highly dangerous, only do this if the nest is very small – don’t try to get rid of a nest you have to get via a ladder and do not try this if you are allergic to wasp poison.


  • Keep your windows and doors closed at all times – this can be difficult in the peak of summer, so if wasps always enter your house, think about  installing fly screens
  • Use a spray – single wasps can be killed with a wasp this
  • Keep your rubbish covered – you don’t attract wasps to come in, the same goes for covering food and coke cans
  • Look after your  fruit trees – if you have fruit trees in your backyard, make sure that you pick ripe fruit on time and clear up any that have come down


Keep clean well and pack food away to get rid of themp. Always clean your cupboards and to remove spilled food for wasp to feed. Clean around your house. Empty all the rubbish and clean all the bins out on every week. This will keep the wasp from returning back into your home.
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