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Latin NameRattus
Colorblack to brown
Digestive tract---

How to get rid of Rats?.

It is important to remove exterminate rat food types from the home, especially the kitchen, including: Infestation of a Rodent or Rat.

Three species of pest rodent are found in Melbourne…the Norway rat…the roof rat…and the house mice.

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Whats the difference between Mice and Rats, The differences are rats have long tails and are a bit larger in size, on the other hand mice are tiny and the size of a sparrow.

These rodents are come into new homes & buildings during the winter months seeking warm weather and shelter in Melbourne to breed in roofs and walls. which they are looking for locations to mate, and new insulation is so soft and warm which they like, they enter our homes after every big rain fall.

As man made buildings provide food and ideal breeding temperature for rodents, which they are seeking food, water and a place to reproduce.

Rats and mice cause damage to our homes and buildings, they can chew on electrical wire and through timber to get to were they want to enter in your home.

Rats and mice can be a pain in your home, causing damage to furniture, books, appliances, and house hold goods and others

At a minimum they cause damage to all types of timber in the your more, and alarming is their capacity to trigger electrical fires by chewing on cables and wires or transfer disease by contaminating food, food preparation areas & cutlery through contact with their fur, urine and their poo in Melbourne.

Australia, rats and rodents spread over 34 diseases. These diseases can be spread to us, through holding of rodents, through contact with rodent feces, urine, or drool, or through rat bites. Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to us indirectly, through ticks, mites or fleas that have feasted on an diseased rat. How To Get Rid Of Rodent Rat

Rats How to kill mice – rats get rid of Melbourne

Rats have been known to damage houses, infect our food and transmit diseases to us. They’re unlike; the rat family includes rodents, mice. They’re also easygoing, capable of easy knowing by trial. As a result, we who need to get rid of them have always had a problem “buy a better mouse-trap.” EXTERMINATE. Kill the Attraction, How To Kill Rodent Rat do it yourself.

It is important to remove exterminate rat food types from the home, especially the kitchen, including: Infestation of a Rodent or Rat.

  • Keep foods, particularly grains, in tight plastic or metal or glass containers
  • Keep all fruits and vegetables in the fridge
  • Clean up all food off the floor, including in the bread
  • Storing compost, organic waste and rubbish in bins with tight  lids
  • Take away pet food after the pet has had it
  • Clean all dishes immediately or sink in soapy water
  • Give the kitchen a seasonal, all-around clean

Lots of us don’t want like rats and don’t want them around, but don’t want like to use rat traps, and poisons to exterminate them. How to get rid of rats, or to get kill rats naturally or the organic way, is to stop them from entering inside the building is the easiest way to remove rats without killing them. Before removing rats, however, it’s you have to make sure new rats can’t find their way in.

How To Tell If You Have A Rat Problem in Melbourne..OH Rodents!

Older houses are a target to rats. Most times rat and mouse infestations can go undetected in a home until the loud noises in the roof start when we you are sleeping and this only happens at night and we only take notice of the noise when we are sleeping.

some tips to keep your house rodent-free:

Seal holes around windows and doors
Make sure bin lids are closed
Keep pet food in stored in containers
Keep grass short and gardens clean
Pick up fruit and nuts fallen down off trees
Reduce the snail around your home (rats love snails!)
Or buy a cat

How to get rid of rats in your roof and the plaster wall. First you must find out how the rats are getting in your roof or house, this is the most important thing to do and block all entry. You can never get rid rats from your roof, walls or home unless you find all of their entry holes into where the are entering from. It is very hard to find out were the dead rodent and remove it in the roof cause if its tight space in Melbourne.

Inspect the house and get in the roof to see if you do have a rat problems, or if it’s mice, etc.. If you’re hearing fast noises sounds in the walls or the roof at night, then there’s a good chance that they are rats. An inspection on how to identify of rat droppings, their feces are a lot bigger in size than a mouse and look like sultana with blunt ends.

Stored goods in an roof or under house, typically furnishings or papers, are comm used for these nests. Put all goods in rodent-proof containers that are tight sealed so their is no problem with rodents and rats.

Rats are a widespread problem throughout the area as they cause destruction to buildings and can spread disease. They breed fast with an average number of 11 rats per litter, which can breed 3-12 liters by one female in a 12 months. To completely get rid of rats Melbourne, what is the best way is, is to kill the whole litter before they spread.

Removing outside food and water close to the home is very important when dealing with rats or rodents. Removing habitat, such as timber and piles. Also Fallen fruit from trees should also be taken and all rubbish should be in closed off in street bins. Remove pet feces daily, since rats also feed on this type which they call organic feed.

Rodent proof your compost bin. Rats can nest in compact vegetation, which provides both food and home. To stop them from taking up home in your garden, prune any bushy woody trees growing next to the house or shed, to expose at least 17?of the trunk (rats don’t like showing ground and can’t reach up above about 10?). Cut trees and large bushes to leave a gap of at least 3 feet between the branches and the roof of the building or garage, to stop roof rats. How to control rats in your roof Melbourne suburbs.

Keep clean well and pack food away to get rid of rats. Always clean your cupboards and to remove spilled food for rats to feast. Clean around your house. Empty all the rubbish and clean all the bins out on every week. This will keep the rats from returning back into your in Melbourne.
So if you’re in need of Rats Pest Control experts than contact Melbourne pest termite today!

Rodent Problems – Rats and Mice Killers

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  • Bait Station.
  • Rodenticide.
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