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Redback Spider
Latin Name:Lepisma saccharina
Length:12-19 mm
Color:White to brown-grey or bluish-silver in color
Digestive Tract:Yes

How to get rid of Redback Spiders?.Daddy long legs spiders and white tailed spiders will hunt & kill redback spiders that is a fact. Kill.

Redback Spider Pest Control – How to kill red back get rid of red back

A redback spider has a red dot on its back. These spiders are found everywhere in Melbourne. Females make a funnel-shaped web. Redback spiders eat bugs. Their bite is poisonous to humans. We can help fix all Redback Spider Pest Control problems.

Habitat – DIY

Redback spiders live in most parts of Melbourne. The female redback builds a sticky, twisted web in dry, covered places. She hides in a funnel-shaped part at the top of the web. Inside timber, under wood and bins, along rocks and in garages are places where redback spiders can were you think there not. Male redbacks do not build webs.

Appearance & Behaviours

Spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. They have 8 legs (insects have 6 legs).

Female redback spiders have gloss black bodies with an light red or dark stripe on the upper stomach. A female’s body is about the size of a large corn. Males are smaller and are brown in colour. Their red markings are often fair. Redback spiders have tall, skinny legs.

Redback spiders are more common in warmer months.


Redback spiders eat bugs. big female redbacks sometimes catch tiny lizards and will take away food from the webs and any redback spiders.


Daddy long legs spiders and white tailed spiders will hunt & kill redback spiders that is a fact. Kill.

Life cycle

The male redback spider sniffs around near a female’s web. He gets the female’s attention by showing her his abs. This is dangerous, Yes because if she mistakes him for another she will squirt digestive juices onto him and kill him. Many males reds are eaten as they breed! how to get rid of red back.

Once the female red has mated, she can lay off her eggs. She produces about ten white egg sacs, one to every 3 weeks or so. Each sac contains around 260 eggs. These sacs hang in the web.

Female red live for approx 2 to 3 years. Males live for about 6 or 7 months. How to kill the red back.

A Relative

The Black Widow Spider of the United States is a close cousin of the Red back spider invasion.

Danger to humans and problems

Only the female redback bite can be dangerous. The poison can make people feel bad with sweating, vomiting and feeling ill. There is an antivenom for redback bites so see your doctor. No one has died from a redback’s bite since the antivenom was introduced.

Redback spiders are not violent, and females don’t leave the web. However be ware is advised as their bite is very poisonous and could be dangerous, even deadly, for kids and the old. Removal redback spiders Melbourne.

After a red back bite, the there may be little hurtful for 5 minutes, but then it becomes very hurting. First Aid – Anyone bitten by a redback spider should seek a doctor or hospital asap. An antivenene is now around and very successful.

Do not tape up the bite, but apply ice or cold water and take panadol.

The best First Aid is stoppage!

How to control red back spiders by educating to recognise their webs and the types of places they are in. By getting an adult to destroy were the nest and egg sacs are. Spraying has only a short term effect, and kills the natural hunters that how to kill red backs. How to control red backs Pest Control Service Melbourne.

Keep clean well and pack food away to get rid of red-back spider. Always

Redback Spider – How to kill red back get rid of

clean your cupboards and to remove spilled food for red-back to feast. Clean around your house. Empty all the rubbish and clean all the bins out on every week. This will keep the red-back from returning back into your home Pest Control Service in Melbourne.

A Clean and Spider-Free Home
Removing Redbacks
Removing Redback Spiders
They will also kill and feed on bigger creatures.
If you have a Redback Spider Pest Control problem than contact Melbourne Pest Removal and we will help.

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