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How to get rid of European Wasps?.Once the nest is found, it is easy with either dust which is a chemical insecticide or injection dust into the wasp nest itself to make sure you have killed it.

Lots of properties across Melbourne and the rest of Victoria have wasps and these insects build large nests just like a beehive in Melbourne. One of the biggest mistake people do when they see a wasp is nest on their property is to try to remove it from were it is attached to. Bare in mind that attempting to get rid of it the wasp nest can be highly dangerous.

If you find a wasp’s nest at your home, roof, tree or any other area at home, you must know how to get rid of it in Melbourne safely. There are a few steps and points on how to do this without being hurt. First let’s understand more about these flying bugs.

Wasps and their Nests

Wasps look identical to bees, but the former are slimmer at the rear & polished than bees. The latter have more hair and thicker legs too and the nests of both these insects are totally different. A wasp nest is much more rounder while bees nest is made of wax hexagons and has an different shape. Wasps build their nests in secret spaces while bees may build their hives on tree branches or the cavity wall of the house – like between the brick work in Melbourne.

Things to Do

Wasps build their nests out of wood & plant fibers. These are gnawed & made into a paper-like material. They use this substance to build complex, 6-sided spaces where they lay eggs & keep their young. They mate in springtime & actually hundreds of wasps build colonies in cavity walls, void and up trees. If their nests are disrupted, the wasps can bite and are especially dangerous to people allergic to a wasp sting in Melbourne. If you find any wasp nest in your home, there are a few things you can do to clear it

#1 Discourage Them

The only way of adverting the problem is to limit the wasps from building a large nest in spring time. If you take note at the beginning of a nest forming, you will also notice that it is small at that the start and it will be easier to get rid of wasps in Melbourne. It’s easy to knock it down at the start. However, if you find lots of wasps about, it’s best to call a professional

#2 Aerosol Insecticide

You will find lots of aerosol cans that are effective in getting rid of wasps. You buy them at Bunnings stores in the garden section. Spray the insecticide into the nest and run. After a hour, knock down the nest down with a broom and make sure that there are no live wasps around Melbourne. If you don’t remove the nest, other bugs such as ants will make it their place

#3 Manual Removal

Most cases you find a very tiny nest with very little wasps in it, you will not be hard to remove it and will not require any chemicals as well. Access the nest late at dark with a heavy plastic bag. Wrap the wasp’s nest up & take the nest off the the
location. Be very careful while attempting this method as any wasps can attack you in Melbourne

#4 Prevent them From Returning

Wasps are attracted to rubbish as well as bottles & shrub. It’s important to seal all the rubbish properly and do not leave any scraps of food around your home. When you trim down any fruit, throw out all the leftovers out and they should be tied up in a heavy duty bag and tossed out. Wasps are attracted to the sweet smell of trees and these steps will stop them from entering your home in Melbourne

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