Following our success in termite control, we have continually expanded our services by providing solutions for all types of pests and termites. Our dedication has seen become the first choice for pest control for hundreds of Melbourne home and business.

What We Do

When it comes to pre-construction termite control in Melbourne, using the right products to treat & protect your home for all new or old homes. There is no smell and no need to leave your home while we are working because we use only a water-based insecticides in our termite barriers for current home owners.

New pre construction termite management in Melbourne – part A and part B certification of compliance is given once part A and part B is completed to all new work that is carried out

Our People

We have over 10 years’ experience in pest management in Melbourne and is widely respected for his industry knowledge and his ability to solve termite problems that others have not.

Our staff are thoroughly trained in pest treatment, breeding habits and the appropriate methods for treating specific termites. This includes handling and applying treatments safely and effectively. In addition, we will recommend what precautions to take in the future to avoid or reduce problems

The members of our team have worked with us for a number of years and have developed very strong contact with their clients. They respect that your home and privacy, as well as being aware that you have children or pets. Our staff are family people as well, and will look after your home as if it is was their own.

Our Termite Treatments

Safe and effective results for the control of the many different pests found around your home. This includes pest inspections, termite inspections, and treatments for termites, and other unwanted guests. We only use products that are registered trademarks for specific pests. We discuss the treatments with you before we start.